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Featured Experts:  

Aleah Ava

Why we feel chronically unworthy and how to heal for good!

Wendy Palmer

Let your light shine - Reclaiming your Wisdom, Compassion and Confidence

Anaiya Sophia

"How Much Is Enough?"



Veronica Monet

How to Heal Trauma and Rise into the Real You


Annie Langlois

Embodying being enough in the wellness industry

Chetana Barkan

 Trauma Release for Women; dearmouring the Body, Mind and Heart

Tracy Secombe

You are Enough, No Matter What

Layla El Khadri

Becoming The Creatrix, The journey from Victimhood to Freedom

Tarika Chetan

The transforming power of the unconscious mind

Mindy Tagliente

You beneath the stories!



Transformational Leaders: Women Coming Into Their Feminine Power

Martina Hughes

Cultivating Receptivity for Deeper Self-Love

Unni Turrettini

How our inner patriarch is preventing women to step up fully into leadership—and why it matters

Sheri Winston

 My Journey to Sexual Self-Worth


Lori Granito

You Got This!


Abigail Iquo Isuo

From Frozen and Fake to Fertile and Free


Danelle Delgado

Choosing Joy Will Always Be Enough


Dr. Andrea Pennington

Reprogramming Your Mind & Healing Your Inner Child

Kanada E Gorla

Lifting the Veil: Seeing Beyond the Imposter


Rhonda Britten

Fearless Living


Shashi Solluna

Empowered Pleasure for Raising Your Self Worth

Tina Poitras

Secrets of Elite Athletes: 9 strategies to Reach your Goals without working Harder, Just better.

Sonia Samtani

The Power Of Acceptance 



Shubhaa Kassima Fisher

Empowerment trough Relating